“Shy Boy Speaks”


About half of my work is done with a client in mind; of the remaining, it’s either inspired by something I saw (a pattern on a dress; dancers in motion) or by something I’m feeling. The ‘feeling’ paintings are my most personal and are in our home. Shy Boy Speaks is my most personal to date and, uncharacteristically, it has a LOT of words.

I was incredibly shy as a boy – I didn’t start feeling comfortable talking with anyone outside my immediate circle until my mid-twenties when I ran my first business (a frame shop in Orlando) and HAD to talk to people if I was going to make a profit!

Since words are not my first choice when it comes to expressing myself, the words I do choose really matter. Every word on this painting has deep meaning for me and reminds me how what we hear – when we REALLY listen – can have long term impact.

Those of you who know Jean-Michele Baquiat’s work will see some of his influence here; I love his style, his balance of playfulness and seriousness, his use of color and, of course, words.



This painting hangs in my reading/writing/yoga nook – my little corner of sanity in a busy house – and I spend a lot of time looking at it. Every time I or our daughter Sam take it in, we learn something new about Mark. And as much as I love the other paintings in our house – Artichoke, Ignition, Bow Tie Party – if we could only have one painting, it would be this one.