“Journey Into Blue”


fullsizeoutput_16dMost artists only want to show their best work. I’m no exception – but I’ve learned over the years that even my mistakes have an important role to play.

Occasionally I struggle in the studio – I’ll work for several days on a painting and no matter what I do, it’s just not working, it’s just not me – I’m not happy with the output. So I’ll set it aside, sometimes for a couple weeks, sometimes for a few years.

And when the time is right, I’ll come back to it and give it a fresh start.

That’s what happened with this painting. I took it from something that just didn’t thrill me to a piece that I love. One that makes me step back and say, “Damn – look at THAT!”

Art reflects life, and I believe this painting is a byproduct of where I am in my career and my life right now. A fresh start – a balance of peace and exciting energy. A sense of joy and celebration – and the colors and the mood of the painting reflect that.