“Gothic Transitions”

Gothic Transitions

Gothic Transitions

I’ve noticed over the years that my abstracts have gotten richer in color yet simpler in composition.

I enjoy the process of building up and taking away – back and forth – and then suddenly there’s a moment that I know I’m done.

I’m always surprised by that moment. When I’m going through the painting in my head, before I lift the brush, I’m often thinking, “This could take days – maybe a week!”

Some abstracts, like this one, will take several days. Others go from start to finish in an afternoon.

What I like about a good abstract is that it’s very personal – it’s a balance of the artist’s patience and spontaneity. When I look at a de Kooning, a Rothko, a Motherwell, a Twombly – I see their touch, their expression.

I love the challenge of creating the right balance in a composition between texture, light and color – and this painting was both a challenge and a joy to create.