“Bow-Tie Party”

Bow Tie Party

Bow Tie Party

I’m often asked, “Who is your favorite artist?” “What is your favorite color?” It’s impossible to answer because there is no one favorite – I love so many artists, and I love all colors. (Okay, full disclosure: when I was a kid, I hated pale yellow and always threw that one out of the box of 64 crayons)

Like many of you, I love contemporary art. For example, I’m a fan of George Condo – his work is strange, beautiful, and has a lot of personality. When creating art for my personal use, I sometimes like to pay homage to the styles that excite me. Last year, I wanted a large piece for my new home. I’m recently married and my wife loves to throw cocktail parties. I wanted to create something that would delight her and totally floor our guests.

So I decided to do a Condo-inspired piece. While most of our house is black and white, with a fair amount of lacquer, leather and chrome, we have splashes of color, particularly rich blues and purples with hints of mandarin orange for contrast.

So I had the colors in mind, and the style in mind – but one day I went absolutely crazy with the size. This allowed me to create an action-packed painting of a party where the guests were almost having TOO good of a time.

This piece has a little edge, a lot of fun, and tells a story – you can’t stop looking at it! As predicted, it has floored our guests again and again (many of them like to line up and pose in front of it!) And best of all – my wife absolutely loves it. Maybe not as much as the one of the artichokes and sunflowers – but that’s another story.